The Ruqyah Sharia Course. These courses include subjects like History, Aqidah, Tajweed, understanding Jinn and magic, symptom analysis, and dream interpretation. They offer different levels of study, from basic to advanced, with exams included. Successful completion of courses may lead to a qualification from Ruqyah ParaScience and Mental Health. Pricing varies depending on the course level, with some courses free for existing clients.

The Ruqyah Sharia Course offers an extensive curriculum, covering various pivotal subjects that include:

  1. History: Explore the origins and evolution of Ruqyah practices throughout Islamic history.
  2. Aqidah (Islamic Creed): Delve into the fundamental beliefs and principles of Islam, crucial for understanding the spiritual aspects of Ruqyah.
  3. Tajweed (Quranic Recitation): Learn the art of reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation and rhythm, an essential skill for effective Ruqyah.
  4. Understanding Jinn and Magic: Gain insights into the Islamic perspective on Jinn, magic, and their impact on individuals.
  5. Symptom Analysis: Acquire the ability to identify and assess symptoms that may indicate affliction by Jinn or black magic.
  6. Dream Interpretation: Explore the principles of Islamic dream interpretation as a tool for diagnosis and guidance.

📈 Levels of Study:

The Ruqyah Sharia Course is structured into different levels, ranging from basic to advanced, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all students. Each level is carefully designed to build upon the previous, allowing a gradual and thorough understanding of the subject matter.

📝 Examinations and Qualification:

Upon completion of each course level, students are required to undertake exams to assess their understanding and proficiency. Successful completion of these courses may lead to a qualification from Ruqyah ParaScience and Mental Health, a testament to the student’s knowledge and skills in this field.

💰 Pricing and Accessibility:

Pricing for the courses varies depending on the level of study, with some courses being offered free of charge to existing clients. This flexible pricing structure ensures that the courses are accessible to a wide audience, regardless of their financial situation.

🌟 Why Enroll in the Ruqyah Sharia Course?

Whether you are seeking personal knowledge, spiritual growth, or professional qualification in the field of Ruqyah and Islamic healing practices, these courses provide an unparalleled opportunity for learning and development. With comprehensive course material, expert instruction, and a supportive learning environment, the Ruqyah Sharia Course is your gateway to understanding and mastering the art of spiritual healing according to Islamic teachings.

📚 Enroll today and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and personal empowerment with the Ruqyah Sharia Course. Your path to deeper understanding and practice in the realm of Islamic healing and spirituality starts here.